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Tom Llewellyn/Shareable

Tom Llewellyn on Collective Resilience and Activating the Commons

In this episode of the Voices of the Commons Podcast we talk with Tom Llewellyn, a lifelong commoner and a core member of Shareable, the web’s leading e-magazine on all things sharing, commons and community-oriented.

In this episode Tom Talks about:

  • How Shareable tells real life stories of commoning in an accesible way
  • How the commons is as “old as humanity and as new as the internet” and is seen today through channels as varied as city policies, self-provisioning, community resilience, etc
  • The story of The Response, a book with 137 examples about “walking the talk of the Commons” in today’s world.
  • How to practice commoning in your daily life – by finding the others
  • How the pressing need for commoning is facilitating its comeback worldwide

Be sure to check out The Response, Shareable’s free ebook on “Building collective resilience in the wake of disasters” as well as Shareable’s other great publications and resources.

Listen to the podcast or download it below:

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