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Polly Robbins/Outlandish

Polly Robbins on Prototyping Cooperative Projects for Social Change

This week on the Voices of the Commons, we talk to Polly Robbins, from Outlandish coop. Outlandish is a worker co-operative, owned by its members, and the profits they generate are invested in prototyping and developing new projects for social change. Polly manages Space4, Outlandish’ coworking and events space for digital co-ops and like-minded organisations.

In this podcast, Polly talks about:

  • How their worker cooperative build websites and data tools to make the world a better and fairer place.
  • Digital commons and radical technology for social impact and 
  • Their Sociocracy inspired decision-making process and governance within the coop
  • Their deep connection with their local area and community
  • The coop’s social dynamics and celebration of togetherness
  • Outlandish’s future vision, which includes training and workshops on digital skills and ethical business

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