Team 2

Our Team

  • Elsie Roderiques

    Elsie Roderiques

    Team member

    About Elsie Roderiques

    Elsie Roderiques (née Bryant) is an activist, organiser, writer and creative with a focus on systemic change that eradicates dehumanising inequity and facilitates environmental regeneration. She works in leadership and supporting roles to challenge dominant narratives in pursuit of more just economic and political systems with interconnectedness and anti-colonialism at their heart. Elsie writes ‘The Commoner’ newsletter and manages Commons Transition’s online presence.

  • Sara Escribano

    Sara Escribano

    Team member

    About Sara Escribano

    Just a frisky bandit in a lonely town. A jester, a rascal, a bookworm, a dreamer, a private eye, a reckless sailor, and a ferret, all inhabiting a single body unit.

    Always been passionate about literature, languages and communication. My strong idealism, horror at the system’s countless forms of oppression and eagerness to bequeath a world that is non-completely-blighted to the upcoming generations throws me like an arrow into new paradigms of governance and understanding life. I am all about community rhythms and mutual support. I also act as liaison between the various pilots (a.k.a DisCO LABS) and the core project, helping them to transition to more convivial and lively systems, creating and curating content for our (preferably decentralized) Social Media platforms and helping with the newsletter, among other more community-specific admin tasks.

  • Stacco Troncoso

    Stacco Troncoso

    Co-founder and team member

    About Stacco Troncoso

    Stacco Troncoso teaches and writes on the Commons, P2P politics and economics, open culture, post-growth futures, Platform and Open Cooperativism, decentralised governance, blockchain and more as part of, Commons Transition and Guerrilla Translation.

  • Silvia López

    Silvia López

    Team member

    About Silvia López

    Intepreter, translator and editor in Guerrilla Media Collective, sharp-eyed Silvia can spot typos, double spaces in texts and budget gaffes in a wink.

    Co-developer of the DisCO Model (Distributed Cooperative Organizations). Legal financial development and sustainability, I was particularly active in the legal setup of the GMC cooperative in Spain in 2019. Spanish translation and copyediting. Translator in the Spanish edition of “Free, Fair and Alive —the Insurgent Power of the Commons”, by David Bollier and Silke Helfrich (published in English in 2019 by New Society Publishers, Spanish edition “Libres, dignos, vivos: el poder subversivo de los comunes” published in Spain by Icaria Editorial in 2020).

    I am really passionate about new forms of governance, based on patterns of commoning, convivial tools and rhythms, and of course care. I believe DisCO is a way to shape the future that we want, and need.