The Commoner is a regular newsletter, crafted by the Commons Transition team, communicating beautiful alternatives from the commons-space and beyond. Whether its P2P, agroecology, decentralized governance, the maker movement, citizen science, struggles to end interconnected oppression and more, the practice of commoning gives us new perspectives, weaving single-issue struggles into a coherent movements. The Commoner will provide you with updates, events and plentiful resources to make your commoning as free, fair and alive as it can be.

Introducing ‘The Commoner’

Can we talk about how we’re doing, as humans?

Our world can often feel like a harsh place that puts profit before people and planet; where we are more connected, but further apart than ever before. It can be hard to imagine any alternatives, but there is an abundance of them to explore and people are bringing these new realities to life right now, all over the world. 

We humans are creative beings who build on our dreams. We’vereached the faraway moon and the depths of the sea; we’ve engineered timeless works like the ancient pyramids, and designed communication devices that instantly link us across vast distances, making time seem obsolete. We know that another world is possible, through other ways of living. What would it mean for us, as communities of people, to organise precious resources in fair and regenerative ways? Having enough for all, worldwide, but not at the expense of the environment or marginalised peoples? If those of us living on opposite ends of our planet understood the Amazon rainforest for what it is — a global commons, and a foundation for all life — how would we feel about its devastation and its stewards, the indigenous people? What would we do differently?

With The Commoner newsletter, we invite you on an exploration of the commons and what it means to people from Somalia and SierraLeone, to India and Italy, to be a ‘commoner’. We hope you will join us on this journey towards a ‘commons transition’, and that you will contribute your knowledge, skills and experiences along the way.

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