Michel Bauwens

How Peer to Peer will Change the World: An Interview with Michel Bauwens

P2P Foundation co-founder Michel Bauwens chats amiably with Martijn Arets from Crowd Expedition. Bauwens talks about his personal background, the ongoing development of the P2P Foundation and how P2P could save the world from the convergence of crises we face.

“A huge thank you to Martijn Arets of Crowd Expedition for doing this interview with me that elicited lots of detailed and even personal details about the experience of the P2P Foundation and the transformation of our society and its challenges.

Perhaps my favourite video to date!!”

Michel Bauwens

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  1. saeed khameneh

    collaborative and peer to peer economy is the solution to global economical crisis
    people and media like you and Michael Bauwens should be supported in many ways and shared on all social medias.

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