Commons Transition Projects:
Past, Present and Future

Information and resources for past Commons Transition Plans.
Includes information on Ecuador’s FLOK Society Project and the Catalan Integral Cooperative’s non-statist Transition Plan.


Ecuador’s FLOK Society plan

Ecuador’s FLOK Society (Free-Libre, Open Knowledge) project marked the first time a nation state commissioned a practical plan to transition to a mature Peer to Peer Economy. It was initiated to “fundamentally re-imagine Ecuador”, based on the principles of open networks, peer production and a commons of knowledge.

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The Catalan Integral Cooperative’s
Commons Transition Plan

The Catalan Integral Cooperative (or CIC) is a political project seeking to unite consumer and labor initiatives. The CIC’s objective is to generate a self-managed post-capitalist society based on P2P principles and environmental and social realities.

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