Commons Transition Plans

These policy documents are designed to enable real world practices towards a society based on shared material and knowledge commons. The plans contained here, although originally created for Ecuador's FLOK Society Project have been adapted to be non-region specific. We share them to give an overview of the many precedents and possibilities pointing to a fairer societal order, and inspire civil society collectives at the local, regional, national and global levels to adapt them to their particular contexts.

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A Commons Transition Plan

The Commons Transition Plan is based on the analysis and observation of existing commons-based processes and economies and describes how a generative, commons-producing civil society can lead to a new market and state.

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Public Policy for a Social Knowledge Economy

A report on the radical democratization of the state and the mobilization and expansion of the social/solidarity economy through the creation of public-commons partnerships.

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Open Design Commons and Distributed Manufacturing

A report on the application of social knowledge economy principles to the secondary economic sector, with an emphasis on manufacturing.

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Towards a Partner State: Elements for a Commons Transition

Strategic proposals for building an alternative economy to provide a livelihoodto those contributing to the shared commons - the heart of a Commons Transition.


Commons Based Reciprocity Licenses

Solving the paradox of peer production — where the more communistic the sharing license, the more capitalistic the practice  with a new type of license.

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Open Coops

Open Cooperativism

Suggestions for new cooperative enterprise forms which retain the internal democracy of traditional coops, but replace their competitive mentality with a transnational commons orientation.

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Partner State

Blueprint for a Partner State

Occupying a reduced role compared to the classic state, the new peer to peer state will find many of its functions met by civil society associations, fostering commons development interlinked with processes of global governance.

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