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Vinay Gupta/James Burke

Blockchained: A conversation with Vinay Gupta

The P2P Foundation’s James Burke chats with Vinay Gupta about homelessness, Ethereum, blockchain speed and scaling and whether the Republicans were right or not. Scroll down to see the timecodes for the whole conversation.

“The broader scale picture of this is that essentially I think blockchains are the 3rd wave of fundamental technology. Databases in the 1970s, networks in the 1990s, and I think blockchain is finally getting databases and networks to work together in the way that we actually wanted them to. The notion that I can just set a flag on a system and it will appear to all other users of that system automatically and non-revocable is a set of attributes we always wanted – that’s a thing we always wanted to exist, and now it does. It’s horrendously useful. And the long term implication of that is that anywhere someone is doing something on a computer, they’re likely to be able to do some part of the job better on blockchains. Plus, there will be a whole bunch of things which are currently impossible which would become possible. And those two processes simultaneously, I think, are going to open up huge amounts of terrain.”


  • 1:00 “The Republicans were right”
  • 3:50 Homelessness
  • 4:30 Ethereum launch: programming the Blockchain
  • 5:55 Smart contracts
  • 8:40 What does Ethereum do, who will use it?
  • 9:25 Augur: A prediction market
  • 11:14 Providence: supply chain tracking of goods
  • 11:50 The Blockchain & transforming music : Imogen Heap
  • 13:40 Which areas of Ethereum are seeing the most interest by outside parties? Bankers…
  • 14:42 Blockchains are the 3rd wave of fundamental technology
  • 15:54 Blockchain speed & scaling
  • 17:14 Corporate forms (p2p & blockchains)
  • 19:52 Government interest in the Blockchain and Ethereum?

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