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Progressive Philanthropy Needs to Spur System Change

The weak reforms enacted after the 2008 financial crisis….the ineffectuality of climate change negotiations over the course of twenty-one years….the social polarization and stark wealth and income inequality of our time. Each represents a deep structural problem that the neoliberal market/state seeks to ignore or only minimally address.
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The Commons Collaborative Economy explodes in Barcelona

In 2016 Barcelona, it is well understood that the “Sharing Economy” is a flawed model, while the Commons Collaborative Economy is a totally different game: An in-depth overview of Procomuns a 3 day event on Policies, Technology and Economies of the Commons.
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John Thackara on How To Thrive In The Next Economy

John Thackara is a writer and event producer who has spent a lifetime searching for stories about the practical steps taken by communities to realize a sustainable future. He writes about these stories at his blog, Doors of Perception, and organizes festivals that bring the project leaders he has met together. In this interview, conducted […]
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Has ‘Degrowth’ Outgrown its Own Name?

Kate Raworth, renegade economist and development re-thinker, feels that degrowth has outgrown its name. Giorgos Kallis the world’s leading academic on degrowth, counters with the view that 'degrowth' is still a compelling term. Let the debate begin…
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