In a world where it can often feel like things are falling apart, that profit is more important than people and planet, and that we are more connected, but further apart than ever before; it can be hard to imagine any alternatives.

But there are, in fact, so many alternatives, and there are people living these realities all over the world.

The Commoner is a regular newsletter, crafted by the Commons Transition team, communicating beautiful alternatives from the commons-space and beyond.

Whether its P2P, agroecology, decentralized governance, the maker movement, citizen science, struggles to end interconnected oppression and more, the practice of commoning gives us new perspectives, weaving single-issue struggles into a coherent movements. The Commoner will provide you with updates, events and plentiful resources to make your commoning as free, fair and alive as it can be.

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Featured image by Marco Verch
Video adapted from an original by the Transnational Institute


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