About Commons Transition

The Commons Transition Platform is a database of practical experiences and policy proposals aimed toward achieving a more humane and environmentally grounded mode of societal organization. Basing a civil society on the Commons (including the collaborative stewardship of our shared resources) would enable a more egalitarian, just, and environmentally stable society.

The proposals in this web platform go beyond rhetoric and are inspired by successful, self-organized working communities that maintain themselves and their environments through Commons Based Peer Production, Property and Governance.

The Commons, together with Peer to Peer dynamics, represent a third mode of societal organization that evolves away from the competitive Market State and obsolete, centrally-planned systems. It is a system based on the practices and needs of civil society and the environment it inhabits at the local, regional, national and global levels.

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What is Commons Transition?

What do we mean by a “Commons Transition” and how can we achieve it? A special introduction by Michel Bauwens and John Restakis.

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Our Wiki

The Commons Transition Wiki acts as an indexed repository of material on transitioning societies at all levels towards a commons orientation.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions offers a brief but comprehensive overview on Commons Transition, its goals and its underlying values.

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Commons Transition Plans

Policy documents designed to enable real world practices towards a society based on shared material and knowledge commons. We share them to inspire civil society collectives at the local, regional, national and global level, to adapt or change them to their particular contexts.

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Commons Transition Projects, Past and Future

Information and resources for past, present and future Commons Transition Plans. Includes information on Ecuador’s FLOK Society Project and the Catalan Integral Cooperative non-statist Transition Plan.

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Related Projects

Featured projects, both transnational and region specific, working towards a Commons Transition. Includes a brief overview of each project and links to additional material and resources .

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News and Articles

A selection of featured essays, interviews and texts on Commons Transition projects and related initiatives.

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Meet our team of researches working towards Commons Transition. Includes a brief biography and links.

Meet the Commons Transition Team

Commons Transition: The Book

Download our Commons Transition publication, featuring policy papers and concrete proposals in an easy to read format.

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